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Jake Daniels from Blackpool F.C. speaks about coming out to the nation in Episode 8 of the collaborative web series between ASOS and the Safe Space Alliance called “Out & Out”

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Professional footballer Jake Daniels talks about about fashion, the importance of safe space, and coming out to the nation in a new episode of the web series developed by ASOS and the Safe Space Alliance called “Out & Out”.

Daniels, who plays for Blackpool F.C., came out in 2022 making him the only male professional footballer to be out at that time. In the episode Daniels said that when he came out, “people were messaging me from all around the country saying how much it’s helped them be able to come out to their parents”. Daniels added “knowing I’ve made it easy for someone else is such a proud moment as I don’t want people to struggle with something that really shouldn’t be a struggle in today’s society”.

Daniels says his safe space were the “people in my life that really helped me be able to come out and live the life I wanted to” including his mother and sister and his close friends. Daniels said that before telling his friends “I thought worst case scenario we’re not going to be friends anymore and that’s going to upset me because I needed people around me at that time”, but when he told them “it brought everyone closer together, like they were hugging me and stuff, they were like ‘we’re with you 100′”. Daniels continued “that’s what I love about my friends…they’ve always been there for me”.

Near the end of the episode the conversation moves to his partner and the celebration of their one year anniversary together. Daniels says “I’m being taken out to a secret restaurant in Manchester…and I’m very excited to see where we are going”.

“Out & Out” is a YouTube series developed by ASOS and the Safe Space Alliance that explores what safe space means to different people from LGBTQI+ communities worldwide. This project forms part of a wider two-year partnership between ASOS and the Safe Space Alliance focused on growing access to safe spaces for LGBTQI+ communities. “Out & Out” episode 8 with Daniels can be viewed here.

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